Our Story

Our (Natasha and Klaus) relationship began in London in October 2014, some 27 years after initially meeting in our ‘home’ country of Zimbabwe and re-connecting through FaceBook!  Budding business ideas and lots of travel, interspersed with some seriously trying times, have been hectic ever since.  We both pride ourselves in having fair, hard-working attitudes and a total zest for happiness and humour which has bonded us from the outset!


Not long after we got together, we visited our first boat, “Eucala”.  Whilst she required copious amounts of cosmetic work, we immediately saw huge potential in her.  The initial reason for purchase was due to Klaus living in Leeds but wanting somewhere he could call home whilst working in London instead of constantly staying in hotels.  As he has always absolutely loved boats, he thought this would be a perfect solution.


His dad was a sailor for over 17 years, culminating in Chief Engineer on a tanker, before moving to Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) to build boats in Salisbury (now Harare) and retired to Lake Kariba to continue messing around on water with a fish trading business.  Klaus’ paternal grandfather also invented and patented the sealed bulk-head in 1918, 6 years after the Titanic sank……. so, boating has always been in his blood!  


My Doctor dad also semi-retired to Kariba, had a boat called ‘WET QUACK’ to visit his patients and knew and treated Klaus’ parents too!     


Anyway, within a month of “Eucala’s” arrival in Hampton Court (to the most stunning looking marina albeit – it turned out – to have a VERY sinister side), Klaus’ London consulting contract at that time came to an end.  A year on, after taking the boat out on a couple of occasions (across the English Channel to explore the inland waterways of France with our kids in the summer of 2015 and seeing the London fireworks for New Year’s Eve in 2015), she still required loads of work and was haemorrhaging expensive fees (the abbreviation of ‘BOAT’ meaning ‘bring out another thousand’ ringing ever so true).  Shortly after this, we had an epiphany……. to renovate and rent her out for unique boat stays and skippered cruising…….



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Since then, we have moved to Penton Hook and have featured as long term Super-hosts on Airbnb; received Gold Awards on Booking.Com and Certificates of Excellence on Trip Advisor specialising in unique personalised stays including honeymoons, anniversaries, birthdays, etc. 


“Eucala” cameoed as the Californian boat of the Beach Boys’ drummer (‘Autopsy: the last hours of Dennis Wilson);


“Baboo” has been used for a couple of music videos and a sexy swimwear modelling shoot;


“Bluebird” has also been featured in a music recording to boot! AND

“French Leave” used for a Bollywood film.

And, we have been extremely privileged to assist in a few memorable proposals ♥ - and love reading the countless guest book entries and reviews where some wonderful memories have been made.


This will also be our 5th year of running a fleet of small self-drive day boats - now based now in Kingston-upon-Thames (the idea started after seeing our tender to “Eucala” sitting around gathering dust!)  In 2019, before the world locked-down, we were voted “the best-selling and number #1 boat tour deal in UK and Ireland – Groupon 2019”. 

We also provide private skippered cruises for all occasions including stag and hen do's.


Klaus’ brother, Chris, joined as Chief Engineer at the beginning of 2020 after immigrating from South Africa and has been instrumental in maintaining our fleet.  And Sean, who started out as our Care-Taker 3 years ago – was promoted to Operations Manager and runs the self-drive operation and assists with projects.

Its been a tough couple of years getting used to our new surroundings during a pandemic  – we have also struggled to find various suppliers able to provide items required to achieve a ‘ship-shape’ fleet but we are a ‘works in progress’ and striving for perfection all the time!

We do hope you enjoy your time with us at “Riverscapes” - our crew pride themselves in offering a very unique and personalised service 😊 



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