Self Drive


The company is referred to as ‘Riverscapes’ and ‘the hirer’ is referred to as the lead guest named on the booking, who is responsible and liable under this agreement.


Once a booking has been confirmed, it is a legally binding contract AND all guests must be made aware of the terms and conditions as laid out in this document and abide by all the points raised herewith – as well as in the confirmation email provided with each booking.


3a.  Prices - as advertised

3b. Deposits - £100 damage deposit is required prior to arrival which will be returned within 48 hours provided there is no damage to our property or violations of our T&C have occurred.  Furthermore, a copy of government issued ID is also to be provided.

3c.  Payments – Payments to be made before departure. 

3d.  Cancellations – 48 hour notice required regardless of the weather.


Riverscapes will endeavour to provide the preferred boat to the hirer although this cannot be guaranteed as all boats are subject to availability.  Whenever possible, a suitable alternative will be provided.


Maximum number of guests permitted is 6.  A breach of this rule will immediately terminate the contract without recompense to the client.  


The hirer must be 18 years of age or over.  Riverscapes will not permit hire in contravention of this condition.  In this event, any monies paid will be forfeited.  


The start and end base will always be fixed.  If booked on a 90 minute session, the hirer MUST NOT pass through a lock.  If booked for an 4 hour session, the hirer may pass 2 lock ups river (up to Old Windsor Lock) or 2 locks down river (up to Sunbury Lock).  8 hour sessions MUST NOT pass through Teddington lock down river which is illegal – and the furthest point up river is Boveney Lock.   If this is disregarded and a rescue for any reason whatsoever is required OR the boat is returned more than 15 minutes late without authorisation, Riverscapes will deduct your deposit as this has a serious knock-on effect to our operation.


Check-ins commence promptly at the allocated time with safety tuition given before departure.  Riverscapes will endeavour to commence the hire as promptly as possible.  It is the hirer’s responsibility to arrive on time and no refunds or compensation will be given for loss in time or missed departure due to the late arrival of the hirer or their guests.  



9a.  Delays – The hirer will be liable for any extra costs and/or damages incurred by Riverscapes as a result of the boat not being available on time for the next hirer.  Where Riverscapes has to recover the boat and return it to base themselves due to negligence, the hirer shall be liable for all the costs involved.

9b.  Security - This boat must be tied up securely when not in use, eg. going to a restaurant.  Remove the key and/or kill switch and take all life jackets with you.

9c.  Instruction & Safety  Briefing – Each session includes a 15 minute instruction and safety briefing provided by an experienced instructor.  Following this and if it is in our opinion that the hirer or any of their guests are unable to safely drive and control the boat without risk to themselves and others, Riverscapes reserves the right to refuse the boat to be driven or crewed and no refund or recompense will be given.  In this eventuality, the hirer can either pay for a skipper to pilot the boat for the duration or part duration of the hire period which can be arranged at £15/hour.  

9d.  Accident/damage - It is the hirer’s responsibility to take reasonable care of the boat.  In the event of an accident to the hired boat or any other boat/property, the hirer must:

  1. Obtain and record the name and registration number of the other boat and names and addresses of all parties involved, including the other boat owner/s, boat hirer/s, property owner/s and any witnesses.  UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD THE HIRER OR ANY OF THEIR GUESTS ADMIT LIABILITY TO ANY OTHER PERSON.

  2. Notify Riverscapes immediately by telephone with full details of the accident including damages incurred.  DO NOT ATTEMPT TO CARRY OUT ANY REPAIRS WITHOUT THE CONSENT OF RIVERSCAPES.

9e.  Grounding/propeller damage - The hirer shall not pass too closely to any river bank or enter shallow water and must inform Riverscapes immediately if run aground or if the propeller has become entangled (engine must be turned off and keys - if any - must be removed from the ignition).  The hirer will be liable for any damage or loss to the hull and/or propeller due to failure to comply with Riverscapes’ instructions.  The hirer shall have no claim on Riverscapes as a result of failures to any boat or breakdown, its equipment or for any delays caused by repairs to any boat or its equipment.  


All persons using our boat do so at their own risk.  Riverscapes does not accept any responsibility whatsoever for any injury or accident suffered by the hirer or their guests during the course of the hire period, however caused.

10a.  River conditions - Riverscapes reserves the right to cancel or alter all or any part of any hire without prior notice, where it considers there might be any risk to guests’ comfort or health/safety if river conditions are deemed unsafe for boats to navigate.  In this event, Riverscapes will offer an alternative hire date for a future booking.  No refund/part refund/compensation will be offered in the event of the hire not going ahead due to weather, unsafe river conditions or an ‘Act Of God.’

10b.  Mooring up/passing other boats or property  - When mooring up to a dock/pontoon/riverbank or passing any other boat or property closely, be careful not to go get any limbs caught between the side of the boat and the dock/pontoon/riverbank or any other boat or property.

10c.  Life Jackets - It is advisable for guests to wear life jackets (this is most important for children and non-swimmers) and when operating locks/doing rope work. 

10d.  Unreasonable behaviour - Riverscapes reserves the right to cease the hire if in their option, the hirer or any of their guests are unsuitable to enter the marina, remain on board because of unreasonable behaviour caused by the influence of alcohol or drugs or any other reason and because this such behaviour is causing or is likely to cause a nuisance to neighbours or danger to themselves or any other person/s or damage to any property.  In this event, Riverscapes will have no further responsibility or liability and no refunds will be made or expenses met.

10e.  Speed – The speed restriction within the marina is 'tick-over'/walking speed and on the Thames it is STRICTLY 5 miles/hour (jogging speed).  


Hirers and their guests are recommended to take out personal insurance.  Whilst Riverscapes has public liability insurance and strives to ensure every hire runs smoothly and without incident, the Company shall not be liable for any matters arising from any cause: personal injury or death of hirers or their guests; damage/theft/loss to any of their property; breakdown or mechanical delays; weather conditions; cancellation; non-availability of fuel.  


Noise must be kept to a minimum so as not to disturb neighbours and other river users.  In addition, music must be turned off when approaching and passing through locks so as to listen to any instructions given by the Lock Keeper.  Furthermore, rudeness, unreasonable behaviour, cruelty to wildlife and erratic/dangerous driving will not be tolerated - this includes do-nutting, bow-riding, standing whilst driving, sitting on the sides and/or rocking the boat from side to side.


AVOID the shallow water when leaving the marina marked out with fenders opposite the Yacht Club as this will ground the boat and may cause damage to the propeller.  DO NOT enter into the main body of the marina.  DO NOT enter into the private lake/backwater marked with a ‘no entry’.  DO NOT enter anywhere near weirs/waterfalls.


Under no circumstances whatsoever must any litter/rubbish be thrown in the river or left on the boat.  Please take your rubbish with you and leave the boat as you found it.  Excess cleaning will result in a £50 charge.


Babies are at parents' / guardians' risk.

16. PETS -

Pets allowed on a lead and are free of charge.


Before check-out, it is up to the hirer and their guests to ensure the boat is left in a clean and tidy condition as well as being tied up securely.  The Hirer shall make good and/or pay for all losses, damage or breakages to any fixture, fittings or equipment caused by their party or any costs incurred by Riverscapes in respect of specialist or excess cleaning required after the hire.  Riverscapes requests that all our property is respected as if it were the hirer’s own.


The hirer agrees that no person who is not a party to this agreement may enforce any term of this agreement and that the contract (Rights of third parties Act 1999) shall not apply to this agreement or to any document entered into pursuant to this agreement.


Late unauthorised returns (more than 15 minutes) will result in an automatic loss of deposit if not phoned through in advance with very good reason.

Please note: It is the responsibility of the hirer to acquaint each guest with the above conditions of hire as laid down by Riverscapes.

We will endeavour to be as flexible as we possible where we can.


We reserve the right to use any photographs we take of guests on our property unless guests have an objection to which they must let us know upon acceptance of these T&Cs.