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Be the Captain of your own destiny - a great way to explore without experience!

Enjoy the river with one of our self-drive boats, a fun and easy way to explore the Upper Thames with no experience necessary.

We have a selection of motor boats that can be hired for 2 guests as follows:


£58 - 90 minutes

£108 - 4 hours

£188 - 8 hours

or up to 6 guests as follows:

£98 - 90 minutes

£148 - 4 hours

£228 - 8 hours 

Should guests be staying on one of our staycation boats, mention which one in the notes to receive your self-drive boat hire at a discounted rate.

As we are based at Penton Hook, you can explore the river between Hampton Court Palace

and Windsor Castle (depending on the length of session booked).


 Guidance   •   Safety briefing   •   Life jackets   •   First tank of fuel 


  • Food & drink

  • Tin / bottle openers

  • Picnic blanket / towels / cushions

  • Phone / camera

  • Music / speakers

  • Charging brick & chargers

  • Bin liners

  • Sun protection (SPF, hats, umbrellas)

  • Change of clothes (warm and dry as weather can change dramatically in a day

  • Flat shoes

  • Pets - but only on a lead!


Please be mindful of excessive noise in the marina at all times - we are located alongside private boat owners who wish to enjoy the peace and tranquility of being on board.

PLEASE BE RESPECTFUL WHILST DRIVING OUR BOATS - we endorse responsible boating therefore PLEASE DRIVE CAREFULLY and be polite to other boat owners, river dwellers, Lock Keepers, users and wildlife at all times.

£100 deposit to be paid - this will be returned provided our T&C are not breached and there is no damage to our boat.

The use of all our facilities are at our guests' own risk.


48 hours notice regardless of the weather!


FREE - PLEASE NOTE HOWEVER, there is very limited space therefore one car per boat hire